In a relationship sometimes, things tend to get a little normal, a little boring and too familiar. It is possible to add a little fun, adventure, risk and a little reward into your sex life as long as it is mutually consensual. The idea of introducing kink into a relationship can be both thrilling and nerve wrecking too. The following are some of the ways you can introduce kink into your relationship:

1. Talk through your fantasies

For this to work, both partners need to be very open with each other about what they like to be done to them and with them without shying off. Both partners need to explore what feels good to them without fearing rejection, judgement or feeling embarrassed. Remember that this does not make you weird, rather, it makes you awesome and quite admirable for claiming your sexual stand.

2. Experimenting with pressure

This entails experimenting on how a soft touch versus a firm one makes you feel and at around different parts of your body. You can try this on your wrists or your neck and see if the effect is the same or not. You can also experiment how it makes you feel when you add more swift pressure such as light taps, love bites or pinches. In addition, experimenting with toys can be one way to introduce the kink in the relationship. You may end up finding a spot that gives you the utmost pleasure.

3. The alpha and beta division

If you are the one with the dominant personality in the relationship, be the one to submit and let your partner lead. This gives you a chance to explore what surrendering feels like and gives your partner the mantle to dominate. Such a change makes things a little tense and interesting at the same time.


4. BDSM Outfits

This is definitely one of the kinkiest ways to have things rolling and freaky in the bedroom. It involves domination, bondage, discipline as well as sadomasochism. It is a good way specially to repair relationships that are on the verge of capsizing. This is the most prescribed way to go for relationships with control issues or power struggles. It can also be a remedy in case one partner has had a bad sexual experience in the past, this could be a way of giving them that power back. It covers everything from BDSM outfits to tying each other up to spanking through such tools as ropes, slave collars, cuffs and leather straps, whip floggers, sorority paddles and also bit gags, nipple clamps among others.

5. Sex language

Another way to add some spice in the bedroom is by trying to speak to each other differently than you are used to. Take sex as the multi-sensory experience it should be. If you happen to have busy schedules, you might try sending racy texts, letting your partner know what you want to do or want to be done to you. This could aid in fanning the flame for when you get home. Do not feel awkward about anything, as long as at the end of the day you’re having fun.

6. Constant communication

It is important to keep communication open when trying this. The regular check ins and the after care is necessary. Give each other attention, close cuddles under the covers. This helps make solid the feelings of trust and security making each other know it was definitely a good experience that could definitely happen again.

When introducing kink into a relationship, it is important to be cautious, and most of all to be safe. Do not let the adventure and the fun get dangerous.